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Parkland Health Mart is proud to feature some of the best local artisans in the Parkland. When you purchase these products, you are helping us support small home-based businesses that offer some wonderfully crafted and unique items that are not found anywhere else. Products featured will change periodically but ALL of them will come from local craftsmen. Read below for information on our currently featured products!

Harold's Famous Bee Cream: This new product is taking the Parkland by storm! Co-inventors Harold Gallaher and Amanda Hutchings have formulated an all natural topical cream that contains bee venom, which aids in relief from multiple ailments, from arthritis to headaches and muscle aches and more! Be sure to check out their incredible story here then come see us to purchase your own jar! They can also be found on Facebook here

Clark Honey Farms:  We are pleased to offer truly local honey from Andy and Anita Clark.  The Clarks harvest their honey from their own hives situated in several locations between Park Hills and Fredericktown, so it's practically like having honey from your own backyard!  You can choose from a 22 oz jar or a 46 oz jar.  Local honey has been proven to have some great health benefits, especially for those who suffer from allergies.  Come try some today!

Tres Naturals: Lisa Ider, owner of Tres Naturals, is a big believer in all natural skin care products and produces every single item herself. Body lotions, body washes, and facial products are just a few of the items you can find at our Pharmers Market from her. Lisa lives in the Fredericktown area and is a homeschool mom in addition to her business. Visit her Facebook page here

Chicken and the Hare Farm: We are featuring some fabulous homemade jams from Ben and Brandi Boyer at Chicken and the Hare farm in the Bonne Terre area. You can also contact them directly for meat rabbits, free range eggs, and seasonal produce. We have six different flavors of jams to choose from! Find them on Facebook here

Saco Valley Farm: Steve and Melissa Deakins from Saco Valley Farm produce some of the best smelling soap you will find anywhere. It's all natural, made from goats milk. In fact, they raise goats just to have the milk to make their soaps! Stop by our stores and sniff some of the wonderful scents they have to offer. Your skin will thank you! Look for more from Saco Valley on their Facebook page here

SicWicks Candle Company was born out of a young girl's love of crafting and a dad who decided to take it to the next level.  Their candles offer unique scents for anywhere or any occasion.  Make no mistake, however, this is NOT your grandma's lavender!  SicWicks provides a product that's soft enough for your mother's living room, yet core enough for your dad's garage.  Stop in and smell for yourself!  We offer small candles, large candles (made with a wood wick!), and wax melts for all you warmer lovers out there.  Visit their website at

The Ole Tyme Pantry, located on Highway D just north of Farmington, is a general store full of wonderful food items, crafts, and homemade treats that you can't find anywhere else. The Hostetler family, who operates this establishment, keeps their store full of the delicious smell of fresh baked bread every day. The featured products we offer in our stores include snack items like roasted peas, yogurt covered pretzels, and dried fruit. Visit the Ole Tyme Pantry's website here or find them on Facebook here

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