covid vaccine and testing

Parkland Health Mart Pharmacy is working in coordination with the federal and state governments to be able to offer our communities Covid vaccine and testing services.

Covid Vaccines are currently being distributed and administered in phases:
Phase 1B - Tier 1

Protecting those who keep us safe and help us during an emergency. 

Public Health Administrators and 


Law Enforcement

Fire Services 


Emergency Management 

Public Works

Emergency Services

Phase 1B - Tier 2 

Protecting those who are at increased risk for severe illness

Anyone 65 and older 

Any adults with:


Chronic Kidney Disease


Heart Conditions

weakened immune system due 

to organ transplant

Severe obesity (BMI >40)


Sickle Cell Disease

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Individuals with intellectual 

and/or developmental 

disabilities such as Down 


Phase 1B - Tier 3

Protecting those who keep the essential functions of society running

Education (K-12) 


Communications Infrastructure 

Dams Sector

Energy Sector

Food & Agriculture Sector 1 


Information Technology 

Nuclear Reactor Sector 

Transportation Systems

Water and Wastewater Systems

Schedule Your Covid Vaccine Now!

Use the link below to access and schedule your Covid vaccine. Each person receiving a vaccine will need to submit their information through this online form. It is also required that each person signing up have their own email address. A free email address can easily be set up through Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or other free providers.

Schedule Now

Covid Testing

All of our stores offer rapid testing for Covid.  These tests are done curbside from the convenience of your vehicle, with results available in about 15 to 20 minutes.  For more information on making an appointment, please contact the store nearest you:

Desloge:  573-431-6677

Farmington:  573-747-1191

Fredericktown:  573-783-6000

Ironton:  573-546-6000

Piedmont:  573-223-4235

covid vaccine

Parkland Health Mart Pharmacy-Desloge

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Parkland Health Mart Pharmacy-Fredericktown

1025 Highway 72 Bypass

Fredericktown, MO 63645

Phone: 573-783-6000

Fax: 573-783-6008

Parkland Health Mart-Piedmont

420 Piedmont Ave., 

Piedmont, MO 63957

Phone: 573-223-4235

Fax: 573-223-4184

Parkland Health Mart Pharmacy-Ironton

1500 N Highway 21

Ironton, MO 63650

Phone: 573-546-6000

Fax: 573-546-6001

Parkland Health Mart Pharmacy-Farmington

806 Valley Creek Dr

Farmington, MO 63640

Phone: 573-747-1191

Fax: 573-747-1197


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Piedmont Store Hours

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